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Are you the type of Lady needs to have a HUGE  wallet with all you need? Great you found your bag!!

the opening of the Milano Bag  hold those ones.

Our dyes are natural to minimize your environmental impact and keeps toxins out of your body because these bags are organic, sustainable, non- toxic!

Our bags come with a convenient pockets zipper to ensure the storage and security of your everyday treasures and perfect for making everyday a little special.

We know being green is good and believe you do too.





Organic Jute Body

Tea Towel Cotton lining

Organic Jute  Body

 Upcycled bottom Leather




Light weight

Cross body straps

Metal Zippers Closure

Metal zip Pocket inside and outside for smart phone and keys



Purple, Charcoal and Grey



H 9" x W 12" x D1"


  • You can keep it Organic or and accept the natural ware and tear of the fibre


    We advise to spray  with Leather shoe protector and became waterproof on the body  of the bag and simply wipe with a clean cloth.

  • We want you to receive your BAG + dance with joy, not be looking at it with a sense of disappointment. If an item does not work out for you, we gladly offer returns for store credit within 14 days of receiving your package. We'd love to get to know you a little better + are happy to suggest an alternate bag more suitable for your lifestyle. 

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